Frequently Asked Questions 

What makes your detailing services different from the other detailers?


    We are a family owned and operated business. We don't cut corners nor use cheap products that are harmful to you or your family.  We are committed to using steam to detail your vehicle especially the interior. We are professionally trained, reliable and provide great service. We also provide a wide range of detailing services from stain removal, odor removal, paint correction, paint protection, interior protection, headlight restoration, trim restoration and ceramic coatings. 

Where are you located?


    We are mobile and do not have a fixed location. We come to you but we are based out of Orlando, Florida. 

How do I schedule your services? 

    The best way is to call (407)501-4446. I am sure you will have questions as do we too. But you can also text or email us to setup a reservation.


What forms of payments do you accept? 


    We accept cash, credit cards or business checks. Our preferred payment method are credit cards.


Do you need to use to power or water at the job location?


    No, we come fully equipped with water and power. We can provide our services almost anywhere may it be your home or workplace.


Do I need to be present at the time of the detail? 

    Yes, at the beginning of the detail so we can explain what we can and cannot do and after for a final inspection.


What should I do before you arrive to detail my vehicle? 

    It would be best to remove all your personal belongings from the vehicle. It is not necessary but it makes our job easier.

How long does your detailing services take? 


    It depends on the condition of the vehicle, but can takes 2 - 3 hours for an interior detail and 24-48 hours on a ceramic coating. 

I had my vehicle detailed before and now it has a chemical or weird odor. Will this happen with your service? 

    No! The chemical or weird odor is the chemical residue left behind from the last detail job. It can be on the upholstery, plastics, rubber, leather, headliner, etc. This leaves sticky or slippery feel. It also makes those areas prone to get dirty very quickly.  When we remove stains or use our non-toxic shampoo and we extract the stains and shampoo. When we are done there is no chemical residue left behind. 

My seats has "water stains". When the seats gets wet is leaves a stain. Can you clean that? 

     Yes! There is no sure thing as "water stains". Water is clear and when it touches the seats it activates chemical residue left behind from a previous cleaning or detail. We use the steam to clean the seats and a vacuum extract the chemicals left behind thus when the seat gets wet again it will not leave a stain.