Headlight Restoration Services - Orlando 

Restore your headlights to make them look new again

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The last step would be to apply a ceramic coating in order to keep your headlights looking bright and clean for years to come. 

The headlight restoration will give your vehicle an instant facelift.

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Over time especially here in Florida the headlights on your vehicle can be come cloudy and oxidized. With the sun's harmful UV rays, halogen bulb heat, weather, and road debris will degrade the look and function of your headlight lenses. This can make night time driving difficult as the light will not be able to shine brightly through.

Not to worry, we can make them look great again. The oxidation is on the outside of the headlight. We will wet-sand the headlights until all the yellow oxidation and debris are gone. Next we will use cutting compound to remove those sanding marks. By now the headlights will look outstanding. 

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1. How long does the headlight restoration take? 

The headlight restoration process takes between 30-40 minutes

2. What is the average cost of the headlight restoration?

The cost starts at $69.00

3. How long will it last?

We seal the headlights with a UV resistant ceramic coating. The coating is a five year coating.

4. Is the yellowing on the inside of the headlights?

No, the oxidation from the suns UV rays and road debris are all on the outside. 

5. Would it better to buy new headlights? 

No, the cost to buy new headlights verses having them restored are about 2 to 3 times more. 

6. Are there any cases where the headlights do not come out clear? 

Yes, in some cases there are headlights that have cracks on the inside. These cracks will still be there after the restoration and will diminish the clarity. 

7. Can I use tooth paste to restore the headlights? 

No, tooth paste does not have strong enough abrasive to remove the oxidation. The headlights need to be sanded. ​​​​