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Cleaning and sanitizing floor mats from a vehicle

Updated: Jun 6, 2018

Mobile detailing floor mats
Before and after of a floor mat that are cleaned and sanitized

As we provide our mobile detailing in Orlando FL, Fresh Eco Steam Cleaning have cleaned a bunch of floor mats. The most challenging mats are the ones that have been neglected for a long time. Most of them have stains from spills and of course the dirt from shoes. The stains are not that difficult to remove but some of the mats have signs of wear and tear that makes them look dirty. Some have grease and grim or pet hair. Not matter what the state of the mats are we do the same process.

We have developed a process we use to clean those dirty mats and if we can’t get them cleaned then they are far gone from restoring. The process we use all the time and its very effective. We have gone through many trial and errors with the steam and this is the best method we found to use.

Step 1.

We always remove the mats from the vehicle and vacuum to remove most of the loose dirt. If there is any pet hair we use a brush and vacuum. We are not trying to remove all the pet hair but most of it. We also want to break up and stains with the brush.

Step 2.

Right after vacuuming we use dry steam to blow off the rest of the pet hair and start the break up any stains. This step is very important because it gets rid of many of the stains and with the steam being over 200 degrees it opens the carpet fibers. This this process will sanitize the floor mats and should be enough to get them cleaned. More time times than not we stop at this step

Step 3.

For greasy or stubborn stains we use a non-toxic cleaner. Since the floor mats are now warm it allows the cleaner to penetrate the fibers and really attack the stains. The entire floor mat does not need the non-toxic cleaner but just the areas that have stains. We will let the non-toxic cleaner sit for about 30 seconds.

Step 4.

We will use a medium stiff bristle brush to work the non-toxic cleaner and agitate the floor mats. This will ensure that all the fibers are cleaned from the brushing action. We make sure we scrub north and south and east and west. Each area should be passed with the brush 3 or 4 times. This will make sure that the non-toxic cleaner is worked into the floor mat and bring all remaining dirt and stains to the top.

Step 5.

We will vacuum the floor mats again because any dirt that were trapped are now loose. The vacuum will pick up all that loose debris and most of the non-toxic cleaner. We make sure we pass over each section with overlapping passed.

Step 6.

The final step is to use the steam the blast away and discharge all the remaining stains and dirt. The entire floor mat will get steamed out. It will start to look very clean state. The dry steam will blow away the cleaner and start the dry the floor mats. Thus, leaving the floor mats sanitized and steamed in the correct direction fluff up the fibers.

These mats will be cleaned and sanitize without being soaking wet. Within 5 to 10 minutes the floor mats will be completely dry. The process does not take that long and a set of 4 floor mats can be completed rather quick. In fact, to save time we will just dust the floor mats and then steam them. It will knock out the dirt and blast away stains. This is more effective than just vacuuming alone.

Here is the entire video with all the step listed above.

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