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Steam cleaning headliners and visors

Steam cleaning those headliners and sun visors in a vehicle is our go to method to safely removing the stains. We use just four items to do the cleaning. Steam, upholstery shampoo, soft boars’ hair brush and a vacuum with a clear nozzle.

For small stains we use steam to break-up the stain and the vacuum to extract it. With larger or harder stains such as makeup, soda, oil or grime we simply steam the area use the soft boars’ hair brush to agitate the area with upholstery shampoo and let it sit for about two minutes. We then come back with steam and the vacuum to extract the stains and most importantly the upholstery shampoo. With a clear vacuum nozzle, we can see when all the stains and upholstery shampoo is removed.

On a beautiful warm Florida day, the headliner and visor will dry in about 10-20 minutes.

Pro tip 1: If the headliner or visor is damage or sagging, we do not attempt to clean it. We do not want to damage it any further.

Pro tip 2: Always do a test spot.

Pro tip 3: The most import part of the steam cleaning process is to remove the upholstery shampoo. If not removed it will leave rings from the chemical residue.

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