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Engine Steam Clean

Fresh Eco Steam Cleaning before and after engine steam cleaning

Is it really that important to clean your engine?

Yes, and the best way is to steam clean. Steam cleaning is a safe and effective way to remove years of oil, dirt, and grim. The steam makes it very safe to clean the engine because it will not damage any electrical components. The steam cleaning process will not flood the engine bay with water; thus, no need to cover parts such as the alternator, and electrical connections, or cover the air intake. Steam reaches over 200 degrees, breaks up, and loosens all the grim. With the use of a citrus degreaser and agitation from a brush, the high-pressure steam removes all the gunk quickly and safely. 

Mechanics will agree that a clean engine bay is easier to work on, find leaks quicker, and shows the customer cares for their vehicle. With a steam-cleaned engine, your mechanic will treat your vehicle with a little bit more care.

When selling a vehicle, a steam-cleaned engine is almost a must. When was the last time you purchased a vehicle from a larger auto dealer with a dirty engine? A cleaned engine shows the owner took care of the vehicle. This will also increase the value of the vehicle. Plus, it makes it much easier to negotiate come sale time.

How do we steam clean the engine bay? Check out the video below. 

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