Paint Correction

Paint correction is a term used to describe the enhancement of a vehicles paint by the use of different correction methods such as wet sanding, compounding and polishing. This process removed a small amounts of clear coat paint to permanently remove scratches, oxidation, bird dropping etching, acid rain etching, hologramming, buffer trails, swirl marks and paint transfer. It can be very labor intensive including prep and final paint protection once completed. 

Here are a few videos that show how we remove scratches and enhance the paint. This will make the paint on your vehicle shinier and look outstanding when light is shined on it.

Need a price Quote?

You need to call and schedule an appointment for us to come out and inspect the condition for the vehicles paint. We will not give a price without seeing the vehicle. You can also send us an email using the form below. 

What does a paint correction service involve?


Paint Correction Services can help restore glossiness. We'll machine polish glossy surfaces to remove deep scratches by restoring them back to their original shine through the use of abrasive compounds that are combined with delicate polishing and refinement


Paint correction services may include:

  • Decontamination and clay bar treatment

  • Removal of swirl marks, oxidation (fading), and scratches

  • Restoring glossy sheen to dulled finishes

  • Deep cleaning by hand or machine

  • Hand polishing & machine polishing

  • Compounding

  • Super finishing


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