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9 advantages of ceramic coating

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

So you have maybe heard about ceramic coatings but are not sure if it's right for you and your vehicle. You know of some of the advantages but don't quite understand them.

Here are 9 advantages of ceramic coatings.

1. Your vehicles will be easier to clean.

The installation of a ceramic coating will add a layer to the paint that will make it more hydrophilic. This will make washing your vehicle quicker and easier because dirt will not stick to the vehicle. Use the pressure washer or garden hose to knock off most of the dirt. All you need is to wipe the remaining dirt off with soap and water or a no-rinse chemical wash. You can wash your car in minutes not hours. This will give you time back to do other things during the day.

Washing a  ceramic coated truck
Ceramic coated truck

2. No more waxing 2-4 times a year

Never wax your car again
Ceramic coating, no wax needed

No need to wax anymore. In fact, if you try to wax a ceramic-coated vehicle, the wax will not stick. Your vehicle has now a layer that will look like it has just been waxed. No more spending hours applying and removing wax. Not to mention be careful not to get it on black trim, rubber, or plastic. Ceramic coating will look glossy, and shiny and enhance the paint color. Waxing is an old technology that is still being used but is not a popular option when it comes to protecting a vehicle. Say goodbye to wax when your vehicle is ceramic coated.

3. It's cost-effective

Even though it's a larger upfront cost to have a ceramic coating installed, in the long run, it will be more cost-effective. If you wanted to keep your vehicle looking outstanding all the time, you would need to have wax installed 12 times a year and sealant 4 times a year. Even though you are the one waxing or applying a sealant, the cost and the time will be a lot more than the upfront cost of the ceramic coating. If you are having the vehicle maintained by a professional detailer like Fresh Eco Steam cleaning LLC install a sealant every 3 months, which would cost you about $500 per year. On a five-year coating, that would cost you $2,500. Our five-year ceramic coatings start at $600. Major savings.

4. An extra layer of hardened protection

Once that ceramic coating is installed and cures, it adds an extra layer of hardened protection. This means technically it will be more scratch resistant than no coating. If not maintained properly the coating will get scratched but some ceramic coatings are self-healing and will repair some scratches.

5. Ceramic coatings repel mud, dirt, and water

Going on a drive, your vehicle is bound to get dirty. In the rain, it's 100% going to get mud, dirt, and water on it. But since a ceramic coating is hydrophilic the coating will repel anything that wants to stick to it. Dust and dirt will be blown off the vehicle as you drive. In wet conditions, the water will in a sense wash the vehicle. The water will form a bead and trap dirt in it as it falls off the vehicle. This does not mean the vehicle will be 100% clean but it is cleaner than a non-coated vehicle.

6. Keeps your vehicle looking new for years

If the vehicle is being prepped to be ceramic coated, we will do a one-step or two-step paint correction. This will remove scratches and reveal a new layer of paint for the ceramic coating to adhere to. This paint correction process will make the paint look better than the new. With the installation of the ceramic coating, the paint will look more glossy and shiny. This layer of ceramic coating will also protect the paint that was corrected. Coatings will last for years if maintained correctly and the paint will look just as good. Your vehicle should look the same as the day it was coated

7. UV protection to prevent fading and loss of shine

The sun shines in Florida almost every day, As a vehicle sits in the sun, the harmful UV rays will fade and damage the paint. Ceramic coatings are UV and chemical resistant. This will ensure that the UV rays will not damage the paint. Chemical resistance will also protect the paint from chemical contamination from the road such as motor oil, diesel fuel, gas, coolant, brake fluid, and so on.

ceramic coating with a mirror shine
Ceramic coating reflection

8. Makes removing bugs simple and fast

Florida has a lot of love bugs and they even come out twice a year. These bugs are going to get hit by your vehicle. Their acidic bodies are a nightmare for vehicles if not removed in time because the acid will etch or creates a creator in the paint. Permanent paint damage. Ceramic coatings are not bulletproof but you will have a lot more protection. The ceramic coating is going to be a protective layer that the love bugs will stick to. This will give you more time to remove the bugs. Since the ceramic coating is chemical resistant, hydroponic, and smooth, removing those love bugs is easy. Use a pressure washer or garden hose to remove them. You can also use a Bug and Tar chemical. Spray the bugs, let it dwell use a microfiber wash mitt, and remove those bugs. No more scrubbing and scrapping,

9. Less prone to water spots.

Water spots are mostly from the sprinkler system. In Florida, we normally have hard water. This water has a lot of contaminants such as calcium, lime, and silica. When the water is evaporated those contaminants are left behind as white spots. A ceramic-coated vehicle will get water spots but you have to really neglect the vehicle. The ceramic coating will protect the paint to a certain degree. It will allow you a longer time frame to remove those water spots. You want to remove any spots as soon as possible.

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