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Why steam clean your vehicle?

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Fresh Eco Steam Cleaning LLC are expert in steam cleaning vehicles. We are a mobile detailing company based out of Orlando Florida and we primarily use steam to detail the interior of your vehicle. We can clean and sanitize your vehicle very effectively and quickly, we do not use harsh chemicals and use steam to provide most of the cleaning power. Over the years we have perfected our detailing services with steam. The uses of steam have so many benefits but here are a few that are most important.

Benefits of vehicle steam cleaning.

1. The steam reaches over 200 degrees thus killing bacteria and germs. This is especially important as the steam will kill odor-causing bacteria. When we are finished with the vehicle it should have a fresh, neutral smell.

2. Steam will not leave any chemical residue especially after cleaning stains. Steam does most of the work for us. We do use shampoo for upholstery but as little as possible. The shampoo is heat activated thus injunction with steam makes a great 1, 2 punch to remove stains. We then remove all the shampoo and stains with steam and a vacuum. Since we used little shampoo in the first place removing the residue is quick.

3. It is the best option to deodorize and sterilize surfaces. One area that needs to be sterilized most often is the steering wheel area. This is where our hands are touching all the time. Just like the T.V. remotes are very dirty, so to is the steering wheel. We use dry steam to clean all the buttons and steering wheel. This will remove all the body oil and bacteria. We also use that same steam all over the vehicle.

4. Stains from upholstery are removed quicker and use less water and chemicals. The 200 degrees of steam will start the break down the stain. We always use steam first on the stain. Then we introduce a biodegradable, non-toxic shampoo and agitate the stain with a brush. Then blast the area with hot steam and agitate again. Then use a vacuum and steam to remove the shampoo and stain. In some instances, we do not even have to use shampoo.

5. Hard-to-reach areas such as cup holders, door jams, under or the side of seats, engine areas, or other nooks and crannies and easily cleaned with steam. Steam is used to clean up spills, food, and other items that fall in between the seats. The pressure of the dry steam blows all the hard-to-reach items from the sides of the seats. This is the same process to clean cup holders, door jams, and engines.

6. Glass and windows are cleaned with no streaks. Steam is the best option to clean the glass because we can blow all the loose debris off the glass and then buff it with a clean microfiber cloth. This leaves the glass streak-free and clean.

Next time you want to detail your vehicle, think about steam. Think about all the benefits and call Fresh Eco Steam Cleaning to schedule. We are mobile and come to you and when can provide our detailing services almost anywhere. We areself-containedd and come ready with power and water. Want to learn more? You can check out our videos.

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